When I behold my Saviour there on Calv'ry,

When I behold my Saviour there on Calv'ry,
O soul of mine be still reflect a while,
Gaze on that face those hands His feet and side,
Into those eyes portraying nought of guile,
Why was He there?
By God and man forsaken?
The Man of sorrows bows His head to die.

/: Why was He there?
Ah, yes there is an answer,
Tis found within the Word for all to see,
That God so loved the world He gave His Son
Who gave Himself from sin to set us free.
Why was He there?
My God I'm lost in wonder,
But show to me how dreadful sin may be. :/

Just as I am behold me Lord in mercy;
I would be Thine and Thine for ever more;
Do Thou me cleanse, Thy blood is my atonement,
If Thou wilt pardon I will Thee adore.
No longer there, no more a Man of sorrows,
But ris'n exalted reigning Prince is He.